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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment


Here you will find all "Treatment Resources" available to purchase.

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Communicate with confidence $105, by Sloan, Mackey & Chamberlain

This Manual is written in plain language. Communicate with Confidence provides information, hints and practical exercises in five key everyday communication skills: Listening, Talking, Greetings & Partings, Manners, Extending Social Networks.

Errorless Learning in dementia: A Practical manual)** $40 By de Werd, Boelen & Kessels

Using empirically established Errorless learning techniques, this manual provides clear guidelines and examples for how to apply EL to help people with dementia re-learn lost skills.

Errorless Learning in dementia: Videos for use with manual

Download videos for use with manual HERE

Table of Contents

Improving  First Impressions: A Step by step social skills program** $155 by McDonald, Bornhofen, Togher, Flanagan, Gertler & Bowen

This manual provides clear, step by step sessions for improving a range of social skills, e.g. making introductions, being assertive, starting a conversation. Uses well established behavioural approaches suitable for people with cognitive impairment

Table of Contents

Making sense of brain tumour** $110 by Stewart and Ownsworth

This manual provides detailed sessions for assisting people with brain tumours covering psycho-education, psychological needs and neuropsychological rehabilitation. It uses empirically established techniques incl. CBT, ACT and IPT

Table of Contents

Making the most of your memory: An everyday memory skills program** $155 by Radford, Say, Thayer & Miller

The manual is comprehensive, clearly structured and sufficiently detailed for clinical use. It has been validated in a number of clinical trials. It comes with a memory stick with PowerPoint presentations for sessions.

Table of Contents

Managing social anxiety following traumatic brain injury** $110 by Hodgson, McDonald, Tate & Gertler

This manual provides a step by step, structured approach to addressing social anxiety, based upon evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches especially designed for people with cognitive impairments.

Table of Contents

Reading a Smile (and other great expressions): An emotion perception treatment program $420 by Bornhofen & McDonald

The Reading a smile kit comes with gameboards, stimulus cards and a DVD with additional audiovisual material.


Table of Contents

Retraining activities of daily living during post-traumatic amnesia following Traumatic Brain Injury: Therapy Manual** $155 by Trevena-Peters, McKay & Ponsford

The intervention manual details skills retraining during post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) after traumatic brain injury. It addresses bathing, grooming, dressing, self-feeding and light meal-preparation using errorless and procedural learning principles.

Table of Contents

TBI Express: Social communication training for people with TBI and their communication partners** $175 by Togher, McDonald , Tate, Power, Ylvisaker & Rietdijk

Manual with clearly laid out sessions, website support, memory stick and further resources approaches especially designed for people with cognitive impairments.

Table of Contents

Understanding Acquired Brain Injury and behaviour change: A guide to managing challenging behaviours** $155 by Sue Sloan

This comprehensive manual provides useful, simple to understand information about why challenging behaviours occur, how to identify their triggers and strategies to deal with them. An enormously valuable resource for clinicians and case managers

Table of Contents

Understanding Brain Injury and how to work with people with ABI - online lectures by Sue Sloan

Memory disorders: New types of Assessment techniques and interventions $110 by Miller, Lah & Radford

Contains 3 DVD’s of comprehensive presentations by Dr Suncica (Sunny) Lah, Dr Laurie Miller and Dr Kylie Radford. ‘Three Australian based clinical researchers discussed new developments in the field of memory disorders’


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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment.

ASSBI is a multidisciplinary society dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with brain impairment and their families. 

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