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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment

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ASSBI Student Events

The student ambassador teams have continued to organise more ASSBI student events throughout the year around Australia and New Zealand!

Student teams from Tasmania have recently held their ASSBI student event with great success! You can read more about the student events below:


The ASSBI Melbourne student ambassadors hosted an online panel event, titled "Seeing the full picture after brain injury". Panellists included Hailey McKirdy, a lived-experience expert; Kate Heine, a paediatric physiotherapist who is also the founder and managing director of not-for-profit organisation Heads Together for ABI; Professor Christine Imms, a clinician-researcher with a background in paediatric occupational therapy; Professor Tamara Ownsworth, a clinician-researcher with a background in neuropsychology; and Doctor Kate Gould, a clinician-researcher with a background in neuropsychology. 

Panellists were interviewed by the student ambassadors, and spoke about what it means to see the 'full picture' as a clinician or researcher working in the area of brain injury. Panellists spoke about topics including self-identity, life-roles, participation, relationships, and quality of life following brain injury. Audience questions were also answered in a Q & A session. Over 50 people attended the event, spanning a range of disciplines including psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and physiotherapy. 


The Adelaide Student Ambassadors hosted a virtual quiz night that included a mixture of general and ASSBI trivia, which introduced participants to the organisation in an engaging way. A broad spectrum of people attended the event and were surprised to learn of the extent to which the ASSBI assists in ABI academia and student outreach. We had both solo and team-based competitors, all of whom greatly enjoyed the virtual quiz format and competed vigorously. Upon conclusion of the quiz night, attendees reported having learnt more about the organisation, expressed interest in the ABI community and had a lot of fun doing so.


The WA student team have planned an event to promote and raise awareness for ASSBI. We have organised an ASSBI Trivia Sundowner student networking night for October 7th 2021.


The event details are as follows:

Event Name: ASSBI Trivia Sundowner - A student networking night

Location: Psychology at Work (PAW) Lab, General Purpose Building 3, University of Western Australia (Crawley)

Date/Time: Thursday 7th October 5:30-7:30

Description: Presented by the Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment and open to all health science students (e.g., psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy etc), this networking night offers information on how to get involved in working in the field of brain impairment, followed by four ultimate rounds of trivia that will put your brain to the test!



ASSBI Newcastle had their first student event of 2020 and first online event on the 25th November. The event was dubbed “Art Therapy” with

 two experienced guest speakers, namely Dr Kirstin Robertson-Gillam (Counsellor, Coach, Music Psychotherapist) and Vanessa Tidey (Artist). The event was educative, interactive, and fun. Dr Kirstin shared a case study and how she used psychotherapy and art therapy to aid recovery of the client. We were also honoured to have the client join our event. Vanessa took us on a creative

 painting journey to explore, paint and name our painting. Prizes were given out to the first four participants who shared their painting on ASSBI social media pages. It was a successful event and we are thankful to all our participants. Special thanks to my Newcastle student ambassadors – Kimberley Wallis, Avni Kumar, Lucy Irene for organising this event in this COVID era. Kudos!