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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment

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ASSBI Student Events

The student ambassador teams have continued to organise more ASSBI student events throughout the year around Australia 

The student ambassador teams have continued to organise several ASSBI student events throughout the year all around Australia!

Student teams have recently held their ASSBI student events with great success. You can read more about the student events held by the Perth, Adelaide and Newcastle teams below. Stay tuned for updates on events held by the Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast teams!


The WA student ambassadors hosted a student workshop titled Reconnecting Lives: Overcoming Hurdles in Community Integration after Brain Injury at the 2022 ASSBI conference. The event was attended by people from a range of health science disciplines including neuropsychology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. Attendees engaged in a thought-provoking Q&A session with guest panellists Chris Thompson and Chanel Bowen. Chris recently completed his Master of Neurological Rehabilitation where he undertook research investigating case coordination and community reintegration in the Southwest region of Western Australia. Chanel, a passionate film practitioner in the Southwest sustained an acquired brain injury in 2019 and her lived experience contributed to Chris’ research work. Community reintegration is a fundamental goal of ABI rehabilitation and given its multifaceted nature, it can be challenging to navigate for both patients and their caregivers. Chris and Chanel shared enriching insights on how we can all be better advocates of raising public awareness of the impact of TBI and how we can achieve enhanced support and case coordination for this “hidden disability.” - Danielle Fynn, WA Team Leader


The South Australian student ambassadors for ASSBI arranged and delivered a Music Therapy Workshop targeted as a treatment program for people living with acquired brain injury (ABI). The goal of the workshop was to raise awareness around the positive impacts music therapy has for people living with ABI, as well and the many continuing benefits clients receive even after completion of the therapy.

Guests heard from Adelaide ASSBI’s very own team member, Graham Mylett, who has a lived experience of ABI. Graham shared his personal knowledge and spoke of the wide-ranging and continuing benefits music therapy had, and still has on his life. The event was facilitated by Neurologic Music Therapist Natalie Oliveri and Registered Music Therapist Kun Koh both from Creative Therapy Adelaide. Guests were exposed to interactive demonstrations of techniques used, along with several real-world case studies examples.


The Newcastle student representatives for ASSBI hosted a virtual Kahoot run trivia evening via Zoom. This event was hosted from 5pm on the 3rd May 2022. Over the span of an hour, we ran Kahoots on 4 topics: general knowledge, brain related, emojis and pop culture.

We had overall winners per category:

  • ·        General knowledge: Mengjie H.
  • ·        Brain related: Kym H.
  • ·        Emojis: Trista G.
  • ·        Pop culture: Kym H.

By the end of the event, we had 3 overall winners:

  • ·        1st: Kym H.
  • ·        2nd: Mengjie H.
  • ·        3rd: Kyle T.

A huge congratulations to all the winners! 

Aishani Desai, Student Co-ordinator

Keep an eye-out for upcoming events hosted by ASSBI student teams in your region via ASSBI social media pages!

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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment.

ASSBI is a multidisciplinary society dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with brain impairment and their families. 

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