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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment


Here you will find all "Assessment Resources" available to purchase.

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Location Learning Test $280 - By Bucks, Willison, Byrne and Kessels

The LLT assesses spatial memory. Spatial memory is highly relevant for everyday functioning, as it enables us to remember the location of objects in our environment and to navigate. Spatial-memory deficits are often found in dementia and other forms of amnesia, but may also occur as a result of more focal brain injury (like a stroke).

Memory Disorders: New types, Assessment techniques & Interventions $110

This 3-disc DVD is a filmed workshop with presentations by Suncica (Sunny) Lah – Newly identified very long term memory impairments in patients with neurological disorders, Laurie Miller – Improving the clinical assessment of memory and Kylie Radford – Can we fix everyday memory disorders? Findings from a new memory training program

Montreal Protocol for the Evaluation of Communication (MEC)** $240 By Joanette, Ska, Cote, Ferre, LaPointe, Coppens and Small

The MEC kit was developed to address the critical gap in assessment tools for people who have problems with communication in the absence of aphasia. Many populations, such as people who experience right hemisphere stroke, traumatic brain injury or dementia can have difficulties communicating including problems with “higher order” or pragmatic components of language such as discourse, lexico-semantic processes, metaphor and pragmatic inference and prosody. Even without a frank aphasic disorder, these kinds of impairments can have significant deleterious impact upon social and interpersonal functioning and result in reduced social opportunities and quality of life

What is in the Kit?
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The Comprehensive Assessment of Prospective Memory (CAPM)** $110 By Shum and Fleming.

The CAPM was designed to assist in the clinical evaluation of prospective memory function among individuals with acquired brain injury, and to assist in the evaluation of rehabilitation programs designed to serve these people. Prospective memory is defined as “the process and skills required to support the fulfilment of an intention to perform a specific action in the future” (Ellis & Kvavilashvili, 2000, p. S1). The CAPM is a self-report questionnaire which focuses on prospective memory and has three scales to collect comprehensive data on the process of prospective remembering
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The Awareness of Social Inference Test (TASIT)** $250 by McDonald, Flanagan and Rollins

The manual (3rd edition) provides basic data on the reliability and validity of TASIT and extended norms for ages 13 - 15 years and also for ages 50 through to 75 plus (Form A). We also provide some information on how TASIT can be used as a resource for treating social perception and for evaluating treatment

What is in the Kit?
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The Awareness of Social Inference Test – Short (TASIT-S)** $155 by McDonald, Flanagan and Honan

This is a short screening version of TASIT (about 20 minutes) with norms from adolescence through to older age.

What is in the Kit? Manual, 25 record forms (and printable PDF), USB with videos.
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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment.

ASSBI is a multidisciplinary society dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with brain impairment and their families. 

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