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Webinar - Improving services for Aboriginal Australians after brain injury: Current initiatives and findings to date (Student)

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Available to purchase for Students. This 60-minute webinar was presented by Prof Beth Armstrong and Prof Juli Cofin on 25th September 2020. Synopsis of session: Recent research has provided insights from Aboriginal people with brain injury and their families around their journeys of recovery that involve geographical, cultural, and linguistically diverse issues. One of the biggest barriers is communication, and without culturally secure care in place, many Aboriginal Australians are simply not recovering to their full potential. The webinar will discuss the notion of cultural security in clinical practice. We will explore the journeys of Aboriginal Australians after stroke and traumatic brain injury, highlighting ongoing challenges faced, as well as family and community resources that assist recovery, and new service initiatives aimed at improving access to rehabilitation. The presentation will also outline a program of research informed by Aboriginal people with brain injury and their families. The research involves the co-design of all new initiatives by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers, clinicians, and Aboriginal community members. The presentation will provide the background to, findings to date, and current initiatives to improve service delivery including the WA-based Healing Right Way clinical trial – the first of its kind in brain injury involving Aboriginal people specifically. Level aimed for: Basic to intermediate Learning Objectives: Understanding of the concept of cultural security; Understanding of the challenges faced by Aboriginal people after brain injury as well as community resources available; Practical ways forward for the implementation of culturally secure care for Aboriginal Australians with brain injury.

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