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TBIconneCT Clinician Manual

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TBIconneCT is a program designed to help people with traumatic brain injury and their family members, friends or carers improve their communication and have better conversations together. The TBIconneCT kit comprises a clinician manual and USB, which includes slides of module content, printable handouts, video resources and clinician notes to support the delivery of each module. TBIconneCT was based on the original TBI Express program but reduced in length and designed for clinicians to use with individual families. The program consists of ten sessions that a person with TBI and one of their key communication partners is guided through by a speech pathologist. The program has been tested for delivery both in-person and via videoconferencing. Processes incorporated in the program include setting goals for conversation, learning about good communication skills and practising skills together in real conversations. Now available from ASSBI: TBIconneCT is a program for improving communication skills after traumatic brain injury. Visit the TBIconneCT YouTube channel for information for clinicians and families and read more about the resource by copy pasting the links below: Resource: Youtube Channel:

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