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BRAINSPaN, the Brain Impairment Clinician and Researcher Peer Network, is a multidisciplinary network of clinicians and researchers in the brain impairment (BI) field. The aim of this group is to share knowledge and skills with peers, and encourage translation of research findings into clinical practice. BRAINSPaN is the first group in Australia to facilitate BI skill sharing through peer mentoring. We hope that participation in this network will improve evidence-based practice and ultimately optimise outcomes for people with brain impairment and their families.


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How BRAINSPaN operates

The group uses a blend of communication methods, including:

  • a Google group,, within which BRAINSPaN members can discuss topics and email the group with information or questions
  • this website, which can be used to upload resources and links
  • opportunities to connect face-to-face, e.g. at ASSBI conferences

Discussion topics on the Google group can be focused on anything relevant to the goals of BRAINSPaN, including how to develop skills in particular assessment and intervention techniques, consultation on difficult cases, and notification of recent research findings. Any BRAINSPaN member can lead or contribute to any discussion thread. The moderators will oversee the operations of the network. The BRAINSPaN moderators are:

  • Dr Dana Wong, Clinical Neuropsychologist (Victoria)
  • Dr Emmah Doig, Occupational Therapist (Queensland)
  • Dr Joanne Steel, Speech Pathologist (New South Wales)

Goals of BRAINSPaN

  • Increased knowledge of evidence-based techniques and interventions in the BI field
  • Creation of a “community of practice” in which clinicians using these techniques and interventions can be guided by experienced practitioners, researchers and peers
  • Faster translation of research findings into practice
  • Information exchange between researchers and clinicians to help pinpoint areas for future research that will have a measurable impact on clinical practice.

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