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41st ASSBI Brain Impairment Conference 2018 ADELAIDE
Assessment Austin Maze (Free to Members) Montreal Protocol for the Evaluation of Communication (MEC) Location Learning Test Memory Disorders Prospective Memory Starship Post-traumatic amnesia Scale for Children (Free to Members) Symbol Digit Modality Test (Free to Download) Contingency Naming Test for school children (Free to Download) The Westmead PTA scale for children (Free to Members) Cognitive Communication Checklist for Acquired Brain Injury (CCCABI) (Free to download) References that are relevant to CCCABI (Free to download) Treatment Communicate with confidence Errorless learning in dementia: A practical manual Errorless learning in dementia: Videos for use with manual (Free to download) Improving First impressions: A step by step social skills program Making sense of brain tumour Making the most of your memory Managing social anxiety following traumatic brain injury Memory Disorders: New types Assessment techniques and interventions Reading a smile (and other great expressions): An emotion perception treatment program TBI Express: Social communication training for people with TBI and their communication partners Understanding Acquired Brain Injury and behaviour change Understanding how to work with people with ABI (lecture series) Norms Boston Naming test (Piquet et al: Free to Members) Excluded letter fluency (Shores et al: Free to Members) Norms for mid adult Maori and White New Zealanders from lower socioeconomic class on a range of Wechsler subtests and executive tests (Ogden et al: Free to Members) WASIII Matrix Reasoning (Crowe et al: Free to Members) Written and oral versions of the Trail making test (Kowalck et al: Free to Members) ASSBI Bookstore Resource Links
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