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41st ASSBI Brain Impairment Conference 2018 ADELAIDE
     $240 The Montreal Protocol for the Evaluation of Communication (MEC) The Montreal Protocol for the Evaluation of Communication (MEC) by Y. Joanette, Bernadette Ska, H. Côté, P. Ferré, L. LaPointe, P. Coppens & S.L. Small, Université de Montréal, Canada The MEC was developed to address the critical gap in assessment tools for people who have problems with communication in the absence of aphasia. Many populations, such as people who experience right hemisphere stroke, traumatic brain injury or dementia can have difficulties communicating including problems with “higher order” or pragmatic components of language such as discourse, lexico-semantic processes, metaphor and pragmatic inference and prosody. Even without a frank aphasic disorder, these kinds of impairments can have significant deleterious impact upon social and interpersonal functioning and result in reduced social opportunities and quality of life. In order to address the clinical need to assess these difficulties the French MEC was developed by its Canadian authors in 2004 and has since been widely taken up by both clinicians and researchers. The MEC has since been adapted and published in Portuguese (Brasil and Portugal), Spanish, Italian and German. A major international effort has seen the adaption of the MEC into English including re-standardisation with 220 English speakers. The MEC kit available from ASSBI Resources comprises a manual, a stimulus book, response booklets and informant questionnaires along with a USB containing audio-files and back up response forms. The MEC provides a comprehensive examination of critical facets of communicative competence including •Comprehension and production of linguistic and emotional prosody •Lexico-semantic processes including verbal fluency and semantic judgements •Conversational and narrative discourse •Pragmatic processes including the interpretation of indirect speech acts and metaphors •Self awareness of deficits •Informant awareness of deficits Cost of $240 includes postage (within Australia), handling & GST. International customers can either purchase the MEC as a PDF or pay an additional $120 for courier.
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