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Phantastica - Laurie Geffen's talk given as the Presidential Address at the 2008 BI Conference “The content of this presentation should not be reproduced without the permission of the author” Austin Maze To download your free version of the Austin Maze, click on the following link. Austin Maze To download the manual click on this link: Austin Maze Manual - Revised - Normative Data In this area you will find papers published that provide information regarding the validity and normative data for: Children The Westmead Post-Traumatic Amnesia Scale for Children (WPTAS-C) (Rocca et al)  Starship Posttraumatic Amnesia Scale for Children (Fernando et al) Older Adults Written and oral versions of the Trail Making Test (Kowalcyk et al) Boston Naming Test (Piguet et al) Adults WAISIII Matrix Reasoning (Crowe et al) Excluded Letter Fluency (Shores et al) Culture Specific Groups Norms for mid adult Maori and white New Zealanders from lower socioeconomic class on a range of Wechsler subtests and executive tests (Ogden et al)
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