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41st ASSBI Brain Impairment Conference 2018 ADELAIDE
     $110 Making Sense of Brain Tumour by Ea Stewart and Tamara Ownsworth Griffith University, Australia   “The psychological things from the day you have your surgery onwards is the hardest. It’s the one area that I don’t think, well in my case, I certainly never found the support there”. The psychological support needs of people with brain tumour are often overlooked and there is a lack of brain tumour-specific psychological therapy resources. The MSoBT manual is based on research which demonstrated the efficacy of a person-centred and goal directed approach to counselling and rehabilitation. Importantly, the MSoBT programme does not draw upon one particular therapeutic orientation (e.g., Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy), but rather a combination of approaches that are considered the best fit for individual clients based on their presenting issues and background. Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness were often used together for anxiety and anger, whereas Solution-Focused Therapy and Behavioural Therapy were combined for stress management. This integration of techniques reflects the person-centred and goal-directed approach the authors believed was both effective for and valued by participants in the MSoBT programme. The MSoBT therapy manual is intended for use by professionals with qualifications in clinical psychology and neuropsychology. The neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy approaches in particular require appropriate training at a post-graduate level. Skill requirements: Clinical and/or Neuropsychologists “The MsoBT manual fills an important void in the field….. This manual will serve as a particularly useful resource for psychologists and other allied mental health professionals working with brain tumour patients” Dr Maria Kangas, Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University Cost of $110 includes postage (within Australia), handling & GST. International customers can either purchase the manual as a PDF or pay an additional $120 for courier. 
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