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     $280 Location Learning Test By Romola Bucks, Jonathan Willison, Lucie Byrne and Roy Kessels The LLT assesses spatial memory. Spatial memory is highly relevant for everyday functioning, as it enables us to remember the location of objects in our environment and to navigate. Spatial-memory deficits are often found in dementia and other forms of amnesia, but may also occur as a result of more focal brain injury (like a stroke). Advantages: Predictor of early change in dementia Ecological valid pictures Learning curve over multiple trials Includes a delayed recall task Not influenced by motor or drawing abilities No verbal response required so useful for people with aphasia There are two administration procedures, which differ in level of difficulty. This makes the LLT applicable for both mild memory deficits and more severe deficits, e.g. dementia. Practical information The LLT involves learning the arrangement of a set of objects on a 5 x 5 grid. There are two parallel versions, each of which has ten pictures of objects. The test proceeds by presenting the grid and then assessing the subject's memory for locations by asking them to place cards bearing the same pictures onto locations on a blank grid. This is repeated for five trials. After that, a delayed recall trial is added or, alternatively, recognition of the pictures can be assessed. SCORING The locations where the subject has placed each picture are recorded on the scoring sheet. On the backside of the same sheet the results can be converted to scores that can subsequently be converted to percentile scores using the tables in the manual. DURATION Administration takes 20 to 30 minutes. Between the trials and the delayed recall trial is a delay of 15/25 minutes, which can be filled with tasks that do not involve memory. AGE RANGE The LLT can be used with adults aged 18-96. NORMS There are separate population norms available for the two different administration procedures. LEVEL OF QUALIFICATION Level B: extensive knowledge of test administration and interpretation is required, obtained by a completed education in psychology, psychiatry or other field involving knowledge and experience with testing. Cost of $280 includes postage (within Australia), handling & GST. For international customers add a further $120 for courier.  You can also buy extra forms: A (20 copies) @ $65 and B (10 copies) @ $50 (post, handling, GST incl)
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