ASSBI Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment
Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment
41st ASSBI Brain Impairment Conference 2018 ADELAIDE
Executive Officer
Ms Margaret Eagers-Rickitt
Ms Margaret Eagers-Rickit  Margaret has been Executive Officer of ASSBI for the over11 years and has managed ASSBI's conferences and workshops from Port Macquarie to Auckland NZ. Margaret introduced ASSBI to CVENT which has dramatically improved the way delegates register for the workshops and conferences as well as made it easier to send out reminders and the ASSBI newsletter. The introduction of the new membership tool aids members of ASSBI to update their own profile and keep in contact with other members and non-members of ASSBI on the extensive list that has been built up over the years. Margaret has her own business MERS Events and manages conferences for other agencies and societies such as National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) and the Special Interest Group of the WFNR (NR-SIG-WFNR) Margaret has been Executive Officer of ASSBI for over 12 years
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