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41st ASSBI Brain Impairment Conference 2018 ADELAIDE
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ASSBI Resources.   ASSBI has developed a publishing arm in order to publish new, ecologically valid, clinically useful resources for both assessment and treatment of disorders following brain impairment. We plan to sell such resources at an affordable price while providing authors with a commission for their work. As a first step we would be interested in hearing from members who may have ideas of potential resources such as tests and treatment manuals for development. Any resource published by ASSBI will be subject to peer review prior to acceptance.      We are also interested to hear from anyone who may have already developed resources (tests, manuals, normative data, etc) that are freely available and that may be of use to our members. We have a page on our website that allows freely available resources to be downloaded. Such resources are subject to peer review prior to being made available from ASSBI. If you have any ideas that you would like to discuss, contact Skye on Skye McDonald Chair, Resources Committee
Memory Disorders: New types, Assessment techniques & Interventions
3 disc DVD of presentations by Suncica (Sunny) Lah Laurie Miller and Kylie Radford
ASSBI Improving First Impressions
Communicate with Confidence
Making the Most of Your Memory
TBI Express
Location Learning Test
Austin Maze Austin Maze is now FREE  to Download for ASSBI members. Login to the Members Only page to Download
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